What we do

“In order to develop the message correctly, you need competence, professionalism, experience. You also need passion, emotion, empathy.
And then ideas. The ones we put into our work”.

we position the brand to make it unique in the eyes of the target public, in order to differentiate it from other products/services offered by the competitors.
we develop a strategy that aims to overcome the criticalities through a series of activities that involve press offices, social networks and any other functional tools.
from the product to the company, from the brand to the person, we are able to communicate anyone’s image in any situation. From drafting a communication plan to the actual writing of a press release, from the preparation of a database for a specific client to the arrangement of press reviews on a single project. The press office is our daily routine.
for clients who are interested in investing in advertising, we offer an all-inclusive package: from the strategy that outlines the most suitable media to be on, to the negotiation for the purchase of advertising spaces up to the support and realization of commercials and/or relative advertising pages.
We prepare event packages, from the idea to the location, from the management of celebrity spokespersons to all organizational aspects. The events must make the news in order to maximize visibility for a brand or a product, and our work is to make these events unforgettable for the media and the public opinion.
Corporate Communication enhances the institutional image of a company for the target public through the press office’s work, whose goal is to improve its reputation.
we constantly “surf” the net in order to create targeted content, which can improve the reputation of our clients and reference brands by the end client.
in order for the communication to be more effective, it is essential to coordinate the marketing department, so that the brand or the reference product can be better positioned and an integrated communication can be guaranteed.
the largest virtual community where to meet companies and people, where to discover and discuss, where to buy and interact, promote your brand and find new fans and clients. We personally create the accounts for whoever wishes to be present on all the major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). We are always up to date and guarantee the presence on social networks for specific sectors, as well. For each client we develop a customized communication plan, which is then followed by an editorial plan in order to schedule the presence on the desired social media. We guarantee the most appropriate strategy based on the client’s needs and the most suitable “language” according to the target audience. We are connected 24/7 to guarantee the right support and prevent any critical situations.
we create company newsletters formats from scratch, from the layout to the contents and the graphics and send them to a group of contacts provided by the client.
become has been working for Carolina Kostner for about six years, on behalf of Tecnè. It manages all social media accounts of the South Tyrolean athlete and follows her during important events. From the European championship in Ostrava and Moscow to the World championship in Helsinki and Milan, up to the Winter Olympics in Pyongchang, become was always there to support the managing team of Kostner and take care of the social coverage.
MARRAMIEROEvent management
become organized an exclusive dinner for the Milan press to present the best products of the Marramiero wine company. During this event, a Michelin-starred chef chose our client’s best wines to accompany his dishes and the Milan media had the chance to taste them. become took care of all the aspects of this event: from the choice of the location, (Carlo Cracco’s restaurant in Milan) to the menu to match the wines, from the selection of guests to the management of the entire evening.
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the popular board game “Scrabble”, become took care of the entire communication campaign. From the claim to the drafting of the texts, from the launch of the press release on media, to the organization and realization of interviews, up to the collection of the final press release. The story has been reposted, among others, by the tv news TG5, Radio Deejay, RDS, Corriere.it, Repubblica.it…
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